Before Surgery

You will likely have signed a consent form at your clinic appointment, or had it mailed out for you to sign. This needs to be returned ASAP to FWO. FWO will provide you with a Pre-operative Questionnaire that must be filled out by yourself or a family member if you require assistance. You will also be provided with Pre-operative History and Physical Forms, along with instructions for your GP to complete your pre-operative medical assessment. You are expected to collect all of this information (H & P, laboratory results, EKG tracing, chest x-ray result if needed) along with your completed Questionnaire and return it all as a single package to FWO at least 5 months before your surgery date if on the cancellation list, or at least 3 months before your surgery date if not on the cancellation list. If this completed package is not returned to FWO by these timelines, your surgery WILL be delayed until it is received. If you require assistance in compiling this pre-operative information, then an administrative fee of $75 will be charged and your definitive surgery date will not be assigned until this fee is paid in full.

All 5 of the FWO surgeons utilize a posterior approach to the hip. This is based primarily on our training and experience, as well as assessment of the literature and understanding complication rates of all the approaches to the hip. All 5 of the FWO surgeons use as small of an incision and soft tissue dissection as is needed to gain adequate exposure to the hip to allow us to place your total joint replacement.

On they day that you see your surgeon, you will be given a consent form to sign, once signed you will officially be on the wait list for surgery.

You will speak to one of our Surgical Office Assistants (SOA’s), and they will explain to you exactly what needs to be done for your surgery.

You will be given the Patient Instructions Before Surgery hand-out.

  • These are the papers that you keep and write in your surgery date and due date for paperwork.

The SOA will fax your surgical package to your Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP).

Once you receive your surgery date, call your PHCP to schedule a Pre-Op History and Physical.

Your PHCP will fax the entire surgical package once completed, if the office has not received the surgical package at the expected due date, you will be contacted.

After our SOA’s receive the Surgical Package, it is then slated and sent to the Pre-Admission Clinic at the surgery location (either the Grace Hospital or the Pan Am Surgery Department).

If all goes well, your last step is to have surgery and attend your regular follow-ups with your surgeon.

There are three (3) parts to the Surgical Package

The Consent Form - This is to be signed by the Surgeon, the patient and a witness

The Pre-Operative Questionnaire and Pre-Admission Form - This is to be filled out by the patient

The Preoperative History and Physical, and if applicable, test results - This is completed and provided by your PHCP

The due date for the Surgical Package is 2 months prior to the surgery date.

If you are on the Cancellation List, your Surgical Package must be done ASAP.

Any missing pieces to the Surgical Package can result in delaying surgery.

Please find the Surgical Package here.

Each surgeon has variable wait times for surgery.

You will be notified what your wait time for surgery is once you sign the consent form for surgery.

An SOA  will call you by phone to notify you of your surgery date, typically 4 months - 5 months before the day of surgery.

If your surgeon feels that your case is urgent, he will request to provide you with a surgery date on the day you sign the consent form.

Patients who request to be on the Cancellation List will be on two (2) wait lists.

The first wait list is the Cancellation list for a short notice surgery date.

The second list is the Regular Surgery Wait-list (aka: Elective Surgery Wait-list).

Patients on the cancellation list will be given the option to move their surgery date sooner than their proposed surgery date.

An SOA  can contact you at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery date, only patients with a completed Surgical Package will receive this phone call.

Each patient on the cancellation list will be contacted, the first patient who accepts the date is given the date.

If you miss out on the first proposed date, you will be contacted again for the next available surgery date.

Patients who refuse the earlier date will be removed from the Cancellation List, and are kept on the Regular Surgery Wait-list.

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