General Information

FWO offers a variety of options for booking your follow-up appointment. You can book online through the FWO website or patient portal in our Medical Records system InputHealth. You can also book an appointment at the FWO office, or by calling the office if needed.

The Canadian Dental Association and the Canadian Orthopedic Association have released a joint consensus statement indicating that there is no evidence for routine use of antibiotics for dental procedures following a joint replacement. The link to the document is provided here:

INJECTION (single dose)

FEE ($)




per injection


hyaluronic acid, stabilized single injection


per injection


FEE ($)

General/Insurance Forms:

Attending Physician’s Statement, Medical Questionnaire, Functional Abilities Form,
Modified Duties Form


per page

Handicap Parking Permit

This is fee is separate from the Parking Permit Program


Administrative Fee

For forms/letters that require medical chart
notes more than 10 pages


* Forms will not be accepted if the patient’s section is not signed or completed


FEE ($)

Work status/Return to work

Surgeon’s statement (up to 1 page)


per revision

NARRATIVE REPORT (2 pages - 4 pages)

Medical Legal letter

Detailed letter to insurance companies

 Workers Compensation Board appeal letter


per page

No Show Fee (if cancelled within 24 hrs with no reasonable excuse (medical/weather/family/etc))

                Consult - $150

                Follow-up - $75

If fee is not paid, then the patient will not be seen at FWO until it is paid. If the patient refuses to pay, FWO will refer back to Family Doctor for their future care to be coordinated from there

FWO’s stance will be that no forms will be released until all remaining accounts receivables are paid in full.

Fees can be paid via cheque, Debit or Credit

  1. Speak to your Primary Health Care Provider (PHCP) regarding your presenting issues.
  2. Once all non-surgical options have been exhausted, request to be referred to one of our Orthopedic Surgeons to discuss surgery. If you do not wish to have surgery, continue to see your PHCP for non-operative management or be referred to a sports medicine doctor at the Pan Am Clinic or the Legacy Sport Medicine Clinic
    1. Hip and Knee Joint Replacement referrals are sent to the WRHA Hip and Knee Central Intake for Joint Replacements, ph: 204-926-1021 or 204-926-1022, fax: 204-938-5726.
      1. Patients have the choice to see the next available surgeon, or to see a specific surgeon
      2. The WRHA Central Intake will be in contact with you and your referring doctor on what is needed to be seen by our surgeons
    2. Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle issues can be referred directly to FWO by fax at (204) 815-5755
      1. The referral must state which surgeon they will be referred to
  3. Once the referral is received by our office, our surgeons pre-screen the referrals and prioritize how soon to schedule each referral. This process can take up to 6 to 8 weeks, please be patient with our surgeons.
    1. There is no guarantee that the referral will be accepted
    2. If the referral is rejected, the referring doctor will be notified by fax
  4. When the referral is accepted, a letter will be faxed to your referring physician to state the Wait-Time of your appointment.
    1. Due to our high volume of phone calls, wait times will no longer be discussed over the phone, please contact your referring physician for the wait times.
    2. All wait times are tentative and are subjected to change -- if there is a change in the wait time, a new wait-list letter will be faxed to the referring physician
  5. Consultation appointments are scheduled 2 months - 4 months in advance
    1. Patients who provide an active email address and/or a cell phone number (that can receive text messages) will receive their appointments sooner
    2. Patients who only have their address listed will receive a letter in the mail
    3. If a consultation appointment is available on short notice and you are next on the list, you will be contacted by phone

Wait Times are variable to each surgeon, your referring doctor will receive a faxed letter stating the wait time of that particular surgeon. Please contact your referring doctor for the wait times.

Please note, only referrals that have been accepted will receive a Wait-Time letter.

It can take 6 weeks - 8 weeks for the surgeon to pre-screen and prioritize all new referrals.

Patients who are referred to the WRHA Central Intake for Hip and Knee Joint Replacements will have a choice to be seen by the next available surgeon.

Patients who are referred directly to FWO, will have to be assigned to a specific surgeon by their referring physician.

Referrals received directly to FWO that states “Next available surgeon” will be rejected.

Patients who were discharged from the emergency department/minor injury clinic are responsible for calling the clinic and scheduling their follow-up appointment. Please call (204) 560-2272 to schedule your appointment.

Patients referred for urgent injuries will be seen at the Grace Hospital, Orthopedic Clinic (aka: Cast/Fracture Clinic).

FWO staff try their best to accomodate all patients, however appointments at the Grace Hospital are limited and only the appointments that are offered by the staff are the ones that are available.

Patients are encouraged to provide an email and/or a cell phone number to receive appointment notifications.

A family member’s email or cell phone number is also accepted.

You can call the main office line at (204) 560-2272, but be aware that due to the high volume of phone calls, you will be put in a queue, and will be answered once a staff member is available.

If your phone call is a medical emergency, please report to the nearest urgent care/emergency department.

If you have a question regarding your post-operative care, please refer to the FAQ page on our website.

Fort Whyte Orthopedics staff try their best to attend to our patients in a timely manner. To reduce our phone calls we do encourage our patients to email the office at

If you are wanting to schedule an appointment, online booking is also available.

If you do not speak to an assistant right away, please leave a voicemail  and someone will return your phone call in the next business day.

Any forms that need to be completed by the surgeon must be handed in to the main Fort Whyte Orthopedics office.

You can hand in your form in person, by mail, fax or email. See our directory for our contact information.

Patients who give these forms to the surgeons at the hospital, are not  guaranteed to receive their forms the same day.

Make sure that your section is completed and the consent section is signed.

The surgeons will not fill-out the forms if the patient’s section is incomplete.

When the forms are completed, you will be notified by phone or email.

All forms have a set fee, and payment must be made before releasing the forms, please refer to our list of fees.

If you are unable to wait for the forms to be completed by the surgeon, it is suggested to send the forms to your primary health care provider.

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